fuzeX Spirit Collection T6K0N.2300 Japan

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This limited edition collection was produced for summer of 2016 and features the colors of USA, England, Japan and Brazil. Versatile and polished, the fuzeX model provides optimal cushioning with a contemporary appeal. Introducing ASICS newest midsole technology, our proprietary fuzeGEL technology is a fusion of our GEL technology and foam for the ultimate rearfoot shock absorption that transfers to the forefoot during take off. This exciting addition offers a unique ride with full ground contact and a quick responsiveness to keep you moving.For the Women's size conversion add 1.5 sizes to the Men's size listed on this page.For example a Women's size 7 is equivalent to the Men's size 5.5. Weight: 10.4 oz. Heel Height: 20mm. Forefoot Height: 12mm.

fuzeX Spirit Collection T6K0N.2300 Japan

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